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How the Hawai'i Spirit & Brew Map Came About

Aloha all!

It’s been way to long since a new Notes from the Bar so its a great time to catch up and

officially introduce you all to the Hawaii Spirits and Brews Maps!

As cocktail aficionados like my self I know you probably try to hit all the good tasting spots up on your trips around the world! I have been lucky enough to taste in places all over the U.S.A. like California, Oregon, Colorado and of course on all the islands here in Hawai’i! Constant tasting is the best way to develop your palate and learn about beer wine, spirits and even food and pairings.

As a working bartender one of the most frequent questions I get asked is “what is good to do around here?” I kept thinking about how hard it is to find all the good spots because there is no list or map to put it all together to plan out your tasting experiences as your planning your trip out......and thus the Hawai’i Spirits and Brews map was born.

Each island has a unique experience and the local companies are all linked by clicking on the icon on your computer or on your phone, scroll down for the list organized by island. Here's the link;

My personal do not miss list is as follows:

“Big Island” Hawai’i

Ola: The local brand is based on creating a sustainable market for local agriculture and is committed to sustainability, beer is great but I live for the lemongrass seltzers

12th Island Distiller

Go check out what David is doing with local organic ingredients like honey and purple sweet potato!

Kulueana Rum Shack

Stop by here for an epic tasting experience


Ko Hana Rum

Located in the old Dole Plantation General Store, this is not an experience to miss, focused on quality, suitability and different single variety sugar cane agricole rums

HanaKoa Brew

Check out what this lady brewer is all about by tasting through a line up of epic beers


Maui Brew Co/Kupu Spirits is not to be missed, great restaurant and the largest brewery on the islands all run by solar power!


Check out Koloa Rum, great tasting room and sample their dark rum for sure!

Bonus Spot Not on the Map

Kauai Juice company has the best juices in the world, they are mixed like cocktails with only fresh local produce, do not miss it

Let me know if you have any questions and please share the map with any visiting friends so we can support these epic local companies, also keep an eye out for my next blog!

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