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A Sprinkle of Inspiration ✨

During the organised chacos of launching a new company of course there have been ups and downs, total break downs😂 and epic break throughs. I have found my self coming back to a list of inspirational quotes collected from an entrepreneur program I took in college.

The program is called the Hogan Entrepreneurial program and the knowledge shared was life changing. One of the benefits of the program was that weekly we listened to talks from successful Hawaiian CEOs of how they started off and then got where they were in their careers.

I compiled a list of all their top points and advice and came up with this 15 item list of inspirational quotes to refer to when times get tough or it is difficult to focus. If your trying to level up, push through or just keep going I hope these are as helpful to you as they have been to me.

1.Try hard to be the best you can be.

2.Make it fun, find something to be passionate about in every job you do even the most mundane

3.Keep learning.

4.Have ethics.

5.Analyze from all directions look from all vantage point and views.

6.Never let good be the enemy of perfect.

7.Your words and actions are important, actions speak louder than words and your word is your bond so act accordingly.

8.Have a good work ethic, you can get it but you have to work for it.

9.The best work comes from staff.

10.Do not confuse business with process, don’t get lost in being busy, get the real work done.

11.Avoid low hanging fruit for the big game.

12.Be a mentor and have mentors.

13.Treasure your relationship base you never know what will come out of it.

14.Do not think you can solve all your problems right away.

15. Remember to live your life.

Aloha G

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