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A word from our Founder

Upon certification you will have developed a professional understanding of:

Spirits, Beer, Wine, Equipment & Technique
Classic and Modern Cocktails
Creating a Cocktail Menu, Your Own Flavors & Cocktails
Quality Service, Hospitality & the Industry

This course is designed to give an overall knowledge of the wine and spirit world, bartenders profession and instill a unique skill set that will serve in all aspects of life, from personal to professional based on courtesy and respect.

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The Learning Experience

The Kona Cocktail Academy, a place online, on demand, to develop and build your skills as a professional craft bartender. A place to come together online to gain knowledge of traditional craft cocktail content: mixology, spirits, beer, wine, tools, history and industry tips and tricks. We also offer helpful solutions to take on the real life challenges of the industry such as finances, health and responsible service.K.C.A. is not just bartending school it is cocktail coaching with a virtual mentor!

Module I classes are now available for enrollment!

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From beginner
 to master there is always something more to learn. These courses are for general spirit knowledge like a regular bartending course but also for a more rounded set of skills from creating, crafting, being sustainable, building your brand, networking, participation in your field, vendor relationship, competitions, giving back to your community and so much more. Join today and sign up for a single course or the whole education in one go. We look forward to having you.


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Currently Available

Bartending basics/Beginning spirits; distilling/proof/regions/botanicals/Whats in the bottle/Hospitality/Your brand/Terminology/Mentorship/Peer group/Teaching others/Responsibility of the bartender/Basic cocktail info(classics and modern)

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Fall 2022

 Spirits- Intermediate/Working Professionals/Incorporating Passion/Financial/Roth IRA/Accounting/Going further in to smaller spirit categories/Beer/Wine/Ice



Spring 2023

Ingredients/Making of shrubs/Syrups/Cordials/Infusions/Techniques/Foraging/Gardening/Social media/Professionalism in the industry/Vendor relationships/POS/Cocktail and menu creation/pairing  




Revisiting spirits/Coffee/Tea/Chocolate/Cigars/Getting a job/How to negotiate a salary and bill a client/Continued learning/Punches/Tiki drinks


Student Reviews!

"Gabrielle brings her passion for craft cocktails to the class and it is just wonderful. She is knowledgable, friendly, fun and makes it not seem intimidating. She shows us how to make a craft cocktail with the best ingredients, but also talks about other ways to do it. She is passionate and it is infectious! I can't wait for her next class." 

Teenage Students Raising Hands

At the completion of this course you will have a skill set that will serve you through out your career and your life in general. Any one wanting to learn how to bartend in public, build additional skill sets to those they have already or at pour from home will benefit from these insights. You will learn from the bottom up;
-in depth spirit, wine and beer knowledge
-craft cocktail techniques
-how to create a craft cocktail menu and create your

own unique recipes
-have access to some great inspiring insider facts,

including health,
financial tips & accounting tips specific to the industry
-the ability to create connections in the industry such as

associations to belong to and how they can help you
-how to network and be more comfortable actually doing it
-how to use social media and branding to your advantage
-how to charge a client, negotiate a salary and how to bill



Kailua-Kona, Hawai'i