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Pineapple Foam

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Have you ever been grossed out by using egg white in a cocktail? Yeah sometimes they can be a bit smelly and if you have ever dropped a tin full of egg whites ewwwe! Plus they are animal product so what do you do if a vegan wants a proper whiskey sour? Well most of us know that aqua faba or the bean water from a can of garbanzo beans will foam up ok. But have you ever tried using pineapple juice in your sours? It foams up easier then egg whites or aqua faba, and it is not as sweet as one would think it is. In addition it complements almost every spirit base. Next time you make a whiskey sour use an oz of pineapple juice and cut it with 1/4 oz of lemon so it's still "sour". Your guest will thank you and you now have another recipe trick up your sleeve!

Below is my version of a Tropical Whiskey Sour

Fresh juiced white pineapple juice shaken with whiskey, a dash of lemon and a dropped dash of hibiscus grenadine for color and contrast. Garnish is a rampur lime.

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