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A few rules to live by...

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Over the years I have learned a few tricks when things get complicated that help me find my way through. You too may find these useful. These are the values that The Kona Cocktail Academy is taught by.

Number One Most importantly have friends, keep friends, cherish friends. Friends are the real diamonds in your life do not take them for granted. Be a good friend, be generous and kind and forgiving. Have friends you can vent to and don’t forget to listen to their problems too.

Number Two You never know why people come in your life but I strongly believe it is for a reason. Keep business cards, add people on social media expand your network. When you go to events make friends and keep in touch, are you a bartender or what? Work the room. Start a rolodex put them in your phone, trust me this is key, do not be lazy about it.

Number Three Karma is real and she will find you so be damn sure that you are willing to pay the consequences for your actions. For real, in Kona my girls and I used to call it the ‘Karmarang” cause you may think you missed it but it will come back around for you like a boomerang if you are not paying attention and knock you right on your ass.

Number Four Bro, Golden Rule, super important because really think about it if we all treated each other as we wish to be treated this world would be a much better place. Speak to others as you wish to be spoken to, you find it much easier to be nice and you will become more aware of what you are saying. Program your mind to be kind but don’t be afraid to say no or stand up for your self, you are your best defense.

Number Five Take responsibility for your self and your actions. You are not a victim here we are all trying to get by. Go earn your shit like the rest of us.

Number Six The 80/20 rule. Do good, work hard, eat clean, save money, exercise, get your shit done 80 percent of the time. 20 percent of the time you do what ever you want, eat what you want, spend what you want. Take that weekend off. You deserve it and we only live once, do not forget to live and enjoy. Eat the cheese and chocolate and open the good wine. Life is short.

Number Seven Do not ever be afraid to say no. You must take care of your self first, if you are not ok get out. If there is too much on your plate say no, people will have more respect for that than if you flake out or let them down later. If your job environment is not healthy get out, someone else will see your talents while some will only find your faults. Keep looking until you find some where you are happy and you have the support you need. You will find it.

Number Eight My word is my bond if I said it I mean it. If I have to defend my words or actions then I’m going to be dam sure of what I say.

Number Nine

Have pride in what you do. It’s your life do you want to spend it making half-ass crappy things or making beautiful creative diamonds that people come from far and wide to try? The choice is literally yours. I found this for my self at The Pacific Club and I also shared it with and inspired my staff by learning about where we worked and how special it was, in turn it gave us pride to be there.

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